Allied With Madness

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Allied With Madness is a new podcast about all things mental health, mindset, and wellness by writer and mental health advocate Caroline Swanson. I'm a normal person with normal problems, and I always felt like life was too much for me, too overwhelming. I felt a lot. I still do. Maybe you do too.

We Are All Falling

This is a short episode about finding balance through acceptance. Balance doesn't mean feeling just the good stuff, it means understanding the importa...
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Everyone's An Asshole

In this episode, I talk about slowing down. I share how I first started meditating and what meditation looks like for me today because it's always cha...
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A General Lack of Emotion

If you've been asking yourself questions like:  Why don't I feel happy?  Why is meditation so hard?  Or  What's the big deal with self-awareness anywa...
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An Exorbitant Amount of Energy

The first 5 minutes of this podcast was recorded on the go and sounds like shit (sensitive ears be warned.) When I get back to the land of technology,...
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To Tell The Truth

Welcome back to the podcast! I didn't plan very much for this episode, or not at all.  I decided to just hit record a few times throughout the day & s...
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It's The First Episode

Welcome to the first episode of Allied With Madness, my new podcast about mindset, mental health and whatever else I feel like talking about. I'm here...
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