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Two boys with short attention spans talk Movies, TV, & Video Games.

130- Jungle Cruise

Well wouldn't you know it, if the boys weren't back and it's time to head on down the rushing river of news of the past few weeks. Is there a new Spid...
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129- The Suicide Squad

The boys return with a new podcast after five years away, where most of the cast has been replaced with new people, but Harley Quinn is back still. Oh...
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128- Fear Street 1666

It's time to cast your minds back to a simpler time.... that simpler time where if you did anything people would say that you were a witch and blame e...
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127- Fear Street 1978

This week the boys continue to head backwards in time, and forwards in some surprisingly brutal horror killings... like seriously y'all, we're talking...
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126- Fear Street 1994

This week the boys will regale you with not one, but TWO tales of mischief, cars flying off things they normally wouldn't fly off of, big magnets, wit...
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125- Loki

Back from a two week break, the boys have some episodes of Loki to catch up on, and what a show it's turned out to be! We're not even going to try and...
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123- Modok

This week the boys dive into the insanity that is the Patton Oswald-led Modok. Trust us, you've never seen anything Marvel that's quite this..... well...
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