Almost Married x Forever Single

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Being so similar but living different lives can lead to some wild stories and different takes on topics. Almost Married x Forever Single is a podcast about two friends who are continuing to learn more about each other - their similarities, differences, cultures and how all those things overlap in hilarious fun and meaningful conversation. Please take a moment to subscribe and use #AlmostMarriedxForeverSingle on all socials to join the conversation.

Next Steps

How do you know when to take that next step in a relationship? Whether it's going steady (Justin) or marriage (Tyler). One simple question that can ch...
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Bucket List

The holidays are officially over. Ring in the new year with Tyler and Justin as they discuss New Years resolutions; we will check on that progress lat...
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Twenty x Twenty Vision Pt II

“Adonis, is this part two?...copy that.” Welcome to the second part of our recap of the last decade. Our last episode explored some highs and lows, so...
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Twenty x Twenty Vision Pt I

It’s time to say goodbye to the 10s and set your sights on the 20s. Join Tyler and Justin as they revisit some of their most personal highs and lows o...
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Holiday Special

It’s that time of year when kids hunt the elusive king sized candy bars and your innocent childhood heroes become a slutty Halloween costume. Join Tyl...
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Follow along with pals Tyler and Justin as the duo dives into the most incredible, most complicated, and most divisive issue since the dawn of man: wo...
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