Altered Cognition

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Nick Breen sit down with some of his favorite people and talks about things in life that matter most. Nick Breen -

#53 Maria DeCotis

Nick talk to fellow comedian Maria DeCotis. Maria is a actor, writer, comedian, director & editor. She has been seen in Rolling Stone, The Guardian, C...
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#52 Jesse Griffin

Nick talks to Jesse Griffin at The Grove, about the life of a ticket scalper during the zombie apocalypse. Email us:
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#51 Jonny Benson & Dave Sheehan

Nick and Los sit down with fellow comics Jonny Benson & Dave Sheehan. Jonny Benson is a comedian and the host of the "Beer Man Beer" podcast. Dave She...
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#50 Nick Breen & DJ Lack Of Sleep

Nick and Los sit down to celebrate Altered Cognition's 50th episode. They play clips from previous pods and shoot the breeze. Email us: alteredcogniti...
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#49 Captain Drew

Nick and Los sit down with “Captain Drew”, outside of our friend‘s (Matt) auto body garage. Captain Drew is a sea captain in the USA. He is a fisherma...
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#48 Jake Palumbo

Jake Palumbo dropped by our studio at "The Grove"  in Milfor, CT.  Jake is a rapper, producer, engineer, and a studio/record label owner (SpaceLAB Rec...
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#47 Piers Moreton

Nick and Los have a chat with fellow comedian Piers Moreton via Skype. He shares his upbringings from attending school in the UK. To growing up in The...
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#45 Scumbag Vinny Beedle

Nick and Los chop it up with the disreputable Scumbag Vinny Beedle. He shares his side of the story that Sam Hunter told. Of how he got fired/quit wor...
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#44 Brandon Smith

Nick and Los sit down with Brandon Smith at The Grove. Brandon is a fellow comedian and a former Marine. He shares his experiences he had as a Marine....
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