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Join Katie Boyd as she empowers you to take control

Zombie Apocalypse

Katie explains the zombie apocalypse. She explains 6 ways to stay out of the zombie apocalypse. She also give you some tips about how to spot the zomb...
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I’m Back Bitches!

Katie is back and she has a lot to say. She talks about where she’s been and shares the tools and tricks she used to recover from her injury. The them...
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Ambitchious Baby

This week, Katie shifts gears and moves away from The Matrix. She talks about fertility issues in a way that only Katie can. Katie shares her journey ...
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Katie keeps on keeping on with her Escaping the Matrix series. What is Hormesis? In this episode, you’ll learn that and how to make every part of your...
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Friends Are Sooo 5D

Katie talks about how friendships can enrich your life and help you ascend to 5th dimension consciousness.  How do you know you’re in the right friend...
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