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All about Horror, Music & Movies. Your hosts Matt, Matty and Lunn jump into discussions about Horror and other movies that interest us, Music (New albums, Creativity, Music Industry, Gigs & Festivals) as well as interviews with creative individuals inbetween!


EVIL DIES TONIGHT....In you case you didn't know!We were all of course excited about the release of Halloween Kills after most of us had the chance to...
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HorrorFest II | PART THREE

PART THREE!I'm sure you know the format by now! If you're new this is the third part in our five part HorrorFest. 31 Films in 31 Days of October!If yo...
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HERE IS SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT!Scream 5 trailer dropped yesterday having all watched it multiple times already we thought we'd sit down and shar...
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HorrorFest II | PART TWO

Part Two!Here are the next set of films in our HorrorFest this year, unfortunately Ryan was on tour at the time of recording, however, he did find tim...
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HorrorFest II - Episode 1

Welcome back!!!HorrorFest returns! It you're unaware this is a mini series we return to every year in October. 31 Horror Films for 31 Days of October!...
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Horror Round Up #1

Welcome to the first Horror Round Up with all the hosts on An Earful Podcast!!In this we discuss the latest horror news from Scream 5, Fear Street, Ha...
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