An Undying Mystery

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In 1944, George Stinney Jr. became the youngest person ever executed in South Carolina at age 14. He was accused of bludgeoning two white girls to death and convicted by an all-white jury in a matter of minutes. Now, more than 70 years later, new evidence suggests someone else may have committed the murders. The Post and Courier explores this haunting tale that still plagues the small town of Alcolu.

Chapter Three: Righting injustice

For 70 years, history blamed George Stinney Jr. for the murders of two white girls. But attorneys who dusted off the case discovered disturbing flaws ...
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Chapter Two: Re-examining history

George Stinney Jr. was a depraved child-killer to his executioners and an unrepentant predator in the press. Until new evidence revealed he probably w...
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Chapter One: Crime & punishment

A chance encounter in 1944 brings 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. into brief contact with two white girls. It seems so innocuous. Yet, an enduring myst...
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