And These Are My Words

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Energetic Positivity

Hello! This is a positive message to start your day/afternoon/night. Something to start off on the right foot or to even just set a good mood ? --- Se...
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Picture Perfect

This time I am sharing a poem I wrote back in 2019 and briefly identifying what certain emotions mean to you and assuring that you don't always have t...
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New Beginnings

This is a ramble really lol but the main focus was to introduce myself and to others on the purpose of creating a podcast. Although, I will be occasio...
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Love Letter- ATAMW

Y'all, Fall is in the air. Winter is coming and people are wanting someone to entrap. Cuddle up and hold close. Although I am not Ms. Lovey Dovey on t...
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Vulnerbility- EP.1

It is always so nerve wracking to put your thoughts out in public! This is my 1st step of sharing my poems with you all. This is my 1st step in being ...
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