Another Fishing Podcast

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Companion to the youtube channel Another Fishing Show, Another Fishing Podcast aims to discuss all things fishing and beyond. This is not just another podcast - it's Another Fishing Podcast!

Episode 15 – Foul Hooked!

Another Fishing Podcast continues with Greg stuck in Branson, MO and desperate for sleep. The boys get right down to business with some help from Shin...
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Episode 14 – BIG. FAT. CARP.

Podcast 14 is up and it’s packed full of wisdom and keen observations sort of. Here are some covered topics: 1) Creating a WordPress Podcast 2) Roughf...
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Episode 13 – Outdoor Therapy

Greg and Pete cover plenty of ground in their most recent podcast, and for the most part manage to avoid any tense moments. That doesn’t mean they won...
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Episode 11 – Walleye ANGST!

Greg and Pete regroup after an extended break to console each other on their pathetic existence. As usual the podcast veers into a therapy session cov...
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Episode 10 – Podcast In a Boat!

Mississippi River! The goal is to cover serious and not so serious fishing topics, while trying to catch a fish live during the AFS podcast. What woul...
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