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Welcome to Another Witch Podcast with your hosts Aura and Alan. Join us as we discuss and dissect practicing magic in the 21st century. Learn all about spell casting, recipes and rituals as well as tarot readings and cosmic news. Explore all your spiritual abilities as we dive in to the every day practices of the modern witch.

Episode 19 - Conjure & Crisis

Back at it! Let’s chat about what we can do to elevate our spirits as we face new realities. Got some recipes and rituals for you. Follow @anotherwitc...
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Episode 14 - El Evil Eye

Let’s talk mal de ojo and preventative measures. There’s no avoiding it so you might as well have a defense plan. Protection is key.
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Episode 12 - Divining n sh!t

How do you tap in to the unknown? In this episode we explore various tools for divination work. From tarot to tea leaves, ancient times to modern day,...
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Episode 11 - Altars 101

We’re breaking down our own altars and giving ideas about what you might include in yours! We also address our first listener question based on one of...
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