Anti-Social Media Podcast

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Examining and laughing at online outrage, trial by social media, s**t-storms, bandwagons, trolling/stalking, misogynistic idiots, etc


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Journey To The Center Of The TERF

The Tweet: The video: ==== Check out my upda...
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Electile Dysfunction

SKIP THE INTRO: Jokes start at 01:07. Profiling the people vying to be captain of the Titanic... it must be ELECTION TIME. === Throw your spare change...
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The Pro Roguin' Experience

SKIP THE INTRO: Jokes start at 05:01. Beautiful Brexity Bullshit; Belittling Boris, Backwards Bellends, and Boomers. === Throw your spare change at me...
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Incel-ebration of Joker

Examining the good and bad responses to JOKER. And how the movie just misses out on being a masterpiece. === Throw your spare change at me in the stre...
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JOKER: Is It An Incel Movie?

Is the Joker movie an incel threat, or a Geek's paradise? This is ASM Weekly, ep1. === Throw your spare change at me in the street, or via PAYPAL: htt...
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