Anything But Credible

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Crazy People. Crazy News. Crazy Theories. Crazy Un-Credible.

Special Movie Game 3

This week we stole/shared our special episode 185 from/with The Going Off Topic Podcast.  Enjoy!   Everyone loves watching movies, but how much do you...
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The Big Sock Theory

What's the scariest movie to you?(40:00)  What really is bread though?(54:33)  How hard core are you about decorating the house?(1:07:12)  All of this...
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Sonic The Testhog

Are you in or out on garden gnomes?(11:24)  Do you pause the start of a show just to skip commercials?(18:46)  How much do you contribute to the coffe...
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Too Much Toothpaste?

It feels good to be back.  We are starting up season five with a quick check in (2:28) and a deceiving Theory of the Week.(26:37)
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Captain America Predicted COVID?

This week we got back into the swing of things with Tricky from the Offended Podcast and Foshe from the Going Off Topic Podcast to talk about media in...
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Update: Black Lives Matter

#blacklivesmatter   There are many many places and sites to stay informed, but check out the one stop shop site mentioned HERE to help do your part.
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Special Network Random Trivia

This week we bring the ABC Network together for special episode 180 with some random trivia.  Check out all the pods at   Chec...
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The ART of Money Laundering

What about the UFOs?(15:11)  Can multiple locations print out the same winning lottery ticket?(21:07)  What is your preferred method for keeping peopl...
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What media are you getting into this quarantine?(0:57)  How much would crime go down if we historically always quarantined in some way?(17:15)  Did yo...
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