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The Apocalypse Theater Podcast is a monthly show featuring fiction and dark fiction stories written by Benjamin Allen. Each episode features either a stand-alone short story, or a serialized episode of a larger, ongoing story.

ATP - 022 The Prodigy Effect

Jonathan Tabith's story continues with Part 3 of The Fall of the Enigma Series. As the human survivors become more desperate, the Aallandron natives b...
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ATP - 020 Manifest Zeta

A popular arcade style VR game turns into a recruitment station when real life flying saucers begin destroying cities around the globe. Charlie must p...
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ATP - 019 The Dreadnaut

If you would have told me two years ago that I would both seal a monstrous demon to the Hell-Sword and be the one called to answer to The Great Old On...
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ATP - 018 Rictor's Ultimatum

Rictor tries to hold the group together after Seladia is tasked with a potentially career ending hit job that causes a huge rift between the two party...
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ATP 016 - The Tower of Aeolus

Beyond Ochre wraps up its first season with a fourth and final episode. Nadia and Kayla part ways with Thereza and Gruff before embarking on a journey...
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ATP 015 - Rictor's Gamble

What kind of mischief can a hot-headed dwarf, a roguish thief, a mark-shot elven ranger, a ten year old vocal prodigy, an alcoholic priest, and a subs...
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