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Your childhood traumas are not your barriers that hold you back but simply experiences that have the power to alter your thinking, build your strength and prove the world wrong. In this podcast we will cover stories that inspire, motivate, and transform your thinking. Your experiences creates experience- not solely for yourself and future, but through the people you meet every single day. We all have the power to revolutionize our lives and impact the lives of others by just sharing our significant stories. Each week you will hear from people who have overcome their trauma and have shared their compelling stories. You will bear witness to how they have healed, forgiven, and refused to let the past hold them back from excellence. We will also talk about how to reconstruct your mind; covering topics like self-awareness, self-love, education, positivity, and so much more. Get inspired here, Get moved here, and together lets make an impact!

Everything Happens For a Reason

It's not easy to console our loved ones when they open up to share their unspeakable and traumatic experiences with us. True empathy goes a long way f...
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With GRATEFULness Comes GREATness

While practicing gratitude one morning, I remembered when I was once out on the street with no where to go. I would have never imagined being where I ...
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Cheers to Healing!

There's life after trauma, pain, resentment, failure, betrayal, etc. There's even more power in taking control and working towards the highest level o...
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Don't Cripple Your Calling

When you run from your calling, the God (or the Universe) will keep showing up and showing out to remind you that you have a job to do. When you allow...
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Speaking Up About Trauma

Speaking up about trauma is never easy. In this episode, I talk about my own battle with opening up about my sisters' and I's experiences and the stru...
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