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Ever wondered why contemporary art is considered art at all? Or stood in a gallery pondering the story behind a famous artist’s life or the meaning of their piece de resistance? Think all art is nonsense? Then let us debunk some artistic myths and weave you some stories as we discuss a whole lot of art-related nonsense with the people who make creativity their life’s work – artists (in case that wasn’t clear!)

S2 E8 // Eelus

Eelus moved to London from Wigan in 2000 and never looked back. A street artist known for his stencils and graphic imagery he found himself at the hea...
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S2 E7 // Dan Hillier

Known for his elaborate and detailed collages, Dan Hillier is an artist inspired by iconography and by the traditions of ancient cultures. Passionate ...
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S2 E5 // Carrie Reichardt

Known for her famous mosaic house in West London, Carrie Reichardt is an artist who quite literally lives her work. A long time campaigner she is ofte...
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S2 E4 // Euan Roberts

Euan Roberts’ describes his work as being like an ‘art hug of colour’. Packed with symbolism and motifs, his work is bright, colourful and full of lif...
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S2 E3 // Ben Eine

One of the worlds leading typographic artists, Ben Eine is known for his typefaces and original fonts. Starting out as a graffiti artist he's moved on...
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S2 E1 // Joe Webb

A collage artist inspired by retro images from the 50's, Joe Webb brings to life found images and creates new worlds filled with a sense of awe and wo...
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S1 E10 // Mark Vessey

Inspired by collections and the meaning that people place upon them. Photographer Mark Vessey’s latest project captures the inspirations of Norman Co...
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