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The Artificery Crew talks Star Wars: Destiny.

Is The Game Dead?

AoZ runs down the answer to this question and delves into all the warnings and indications that may indicate how FFG feels about our favorite card gam...
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Destiny 2.0

Dass and Yeti cover the ETX GQ's from last weekend in Redmond Washington. Elrathion and Tacster join in to review the RRG updates and their impacts on...
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To Infinite and Beyond

Hexen, XeroHour, and Flaccidbaron touch up on the RRG and do a deep dive on the changes towards infinite. Things get crazy as we throw out farfetched ...
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Lightsaber Lost

Hexen and Shuffman analyze the current state of Blue heroes with special guest Dhaus from the Jedi Trials and see what hope lies for them post rotatio...
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Meta Broadcast 7: Agent of Zion

AoZ and special guest Reflex (Hyperloops) discuss the AZ GQs, the Miami Regional, why Tarkin/Snoke is good, and how to keep up with a meta that revolv...
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