Artistic Journalism

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The Artistic Journalism Podcast is an ongoing series showcasing makers whose work is both aesthetic and fact-driven. They analyse urgent social themes and show their results in rich and layered projects. We portray the frontrunners of this interdisciplinary approach to design, art and journalism in a series of conversations.

Coralie Vogelaar

The borderland between humans and computers is a recurring theme in the work of Coralie Vogelaar. Using video performance, objects and print, she focu...
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Irene Stracuzzi

Italian born graphic and information designer Irene Stracuzzi focusses on geopolitcs and cartography, making both commissioned and self-initiated proj...
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Robert Glas

Robert Glas investigates the relation between the individual and the state. More specifically the way in which the state uses regulations and technolo...
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Annet Henneman

Twenty-one years ago, she started with what she called ‘Theatre Reportage’, born in the Netherlands, based in Italy, Annet Henneman of Theatro Nascost...
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Koert van Mensvoort

Koert van Mensvoort is an artist and philospher and the initiator of Next Nature Network. Next Nature Network explores how technology becomes so omnip...
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Stijn Postema

Stijn Postema is a journalist with a background in visual culture, and currently he’s working on his PhD exploring the field of what he calls ‘Artisti...
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