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An actual play podcast where we do fantasy life the same way young adults do real life. By making it all up, as we go! This season’s game Masks, uses the PbtA system to tell a story about teenage superheroes kicking butt and (hopefully) passing math. Support this podcast:

A Cosmic Affair - Part 3

This episode is all about Ian's sworn commitment to have absolutely no super heroics in the entire arc. Instead, we are just gonna enjoy a day at the ...
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A Cosmic Affair - Part 2

The team sets sail for the All World's Science Fair! Get ready for tales from the high seas between Premui and the NRC Union. Brim lives under a micro...
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A Cosmic Affair - Part 1

3 Months after batting Red Light and Theseus, our heroes adjust back to normal school life. But that probably won't last since the World's Science Fai...
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Welcome To Raya Academy! Epilogue

Our heroes deal with the fallout of their fight against Red Light and Theseus. Brim gets mandatory friends. Aniyah learns meditation techniques. James...
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Welcome To Raya Academy! - Part 9

The crew finds themselves face to face against....ADULTS! But never fear, they have super powers and stuff. Brim has car troubles. Aniyah panics. Jame...
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Welcome To Raya Academy! - Part 8

Armed with the greatest weapon of all, information, our heroes investigate Pier 1 to uncover the nefarious plans of Red Light and Knight Company. Jame...
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LBJ Lecture "Premui's Past"

We take a quick break from the action to see what our Heroes are missing out on by skipping "History of Nations" class. Taught by Raya Academy, guest ...
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Welcome To Raya Academy! - Part 7

Back in the present, our heroes gear up for a break-in at the local police station to question a cunning murderer. With little practical or academic e...
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Paradox Report - A1

In our final Paradox Report, Aniyah experiences her last day before starting school at Raya academy. Her family is excited, but Aniyah is not so sure....
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