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We’re glad you found Asmr Art. This is something my cousin and I decided to start hoping we could bring peace to many. Feel free to listen in bed before a nap/sleep and even when you study. We get how stress can get in the way of everyday living and hopefully our podcast can help ease the noise in our heads :) Follow us on our new TWITTER and let us know if you have any requests @AsmrArt2 href=""> Cover art photo provided by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash:

Le Petit Prince: Chapters 1-4

Enjoy today’s reading, which is a little different from the rest. Instead of mythology, today’s podcast is in French! Hope this beautiful tale helps y...
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Zeus, Hera, and Athene

Finally got a yeti microphone! And decided to read some stories from “Héroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths” by Bernard Evslin.
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Rain Hitting a Window

Enjoy a midnight recording of late night rain hitting my bedroom window. Listen to it start strong and slowly die down. ☔️
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