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60 years in the future, Earth is collapsing. Those with the means to do so have escaped to a burgeoning solar empire. In a remote section of the Asteroid Belt lives a colony of miners, who run the machines that harvest all the materials our solar empire is built from. One former miner, DJ Corry, moved back to the Belt and started a radio station, where he could entertain his fellow miners, inform them, and keep them from going insane. Tune in for the latest news from across the solar system and for the finest vaporware and lo-fi tracks DJ Corry can get his hands on. Welcome to Asteroid FM. Support the show:

02 - Foundation

Rosa and I sow the seeds of revolution, establish the First Interplanetary, and come up with a plan.
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01 - Solidarity

Change comes to Vesta, in the form of a little good ole fashioned revolutionary solidarity.  A new crop of miners brings new ambitions, to seize contr...
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08 - Butterfly Prison

There's an explosion in Earth orbit, a new mission to Jupiter, and a prison riot. Also there's butterflies. 
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07 - Cancer

DJ Corry is back after a brush with death to talk cancer, medicine, and moral problems of distribution. Featuring hot new synth wave tracks from Desti...
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06 - New Year 2079

It's 2079. Celebrate the New Year with good news from Earth and a really remarkable statue. 
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05 - Magnets

The Orbit-Locked Magnetic Shield System that protects Mars from solar radiation has a catastrophic failure. Tune in to Asteroid FM for details. 
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04 - Cowardice

DJ Correy fills you in on the election and gets himself worked up again. 
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03 - Halloween 2078

It's spooky season in the Vesta Cluster. Today we talk space exploration, horror movies and society, and water recycling. 
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02 - Fall Line

An explosion in the Asteroid Belt. A hypercane in Atlanta. Octopus people. Could this episode get any more exciting? 
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