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The Average Joe perspective of the Challenge

Season 37 preview

Welcome back to exciting new season of the challenge. I break down what i think will go on during the season.
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Reunion Part 1 (Panel)

Alex Nata joins us for the first time and shares how she became a challenge fan and who are her favorite challengers. Anothy also rejoins 4daloveofthe...
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Final Part 1

The final is underway, Shuny, Tyrone, Gilberto, Jerry Joins me and help break down the first part of the Final. We also talk a bit about Challenge Al...
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Kandel Shepard Darnell

Kandel was last seen on the inferno where her team won the final on Real World/Road Rules challenge. I finally got a chance to sit down and speak with...
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Spartan Race Exclusive

Jerry joins me in this Spartan addition of the challenge. We talk the latest on races that we are entering. Also we get in the latest episode of the c...
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Never say Never again

This week Collin joins 4daloveofthechallenge and help break down the latest episode. Also we talk a bit about the Challenge All Stars.
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Security Breach

We break down the latest episode of the challenge. Bren, Gilberto, and Rhonda Joins the panel this week.
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The Goof-Panel 8

The panel is back and we break down the latest episode. We share our take on LoLo leaving the game and the twitter chatter.
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