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Official Podcast of the NCDA and College Dodgeball

Average Joes’ Podcast Reunion

Jazzy Josh Raymer, Zac Newton, Alex Heichelbech, and the illustrious Felix Perrone host a reunion podcast to discuss their time in the NCDA and how mu...
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AJP 2019-08-01: A New Nationals?

Wow, it’s been a little bit since the last formal podcast. With a proposal by Kevin Bailey to reformat Nationals, Mario Romanelli and Zigmas Maloni ar...
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AJP 2017-11-16: Quadrennial 6v6

With four new teams expanding the League’s boundaries, Mario Romanelli introduces the idea of a 6v6 event happening every four years. Mario, Felix  an...
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AJP 2017-02-10: BEAST & Bobcats

The first episode of the calendar sees Mario and Hunter recapping the BEAST, then previewing some of the games at the Bobcat Bash. Zig is also stumbli...
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AJP 2016-10-31: Halloween

For this Halloween episode we included no holiday references. But Mario and Zig recap the games played this weekend and have a couple rants about rule...
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