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Sitting at the intersection of comedy and commentary, The Avocado Toast Podcast is for the brunchers, the broke, and the somewhere in betweens.

Celebrating a Year of Adulting

A year ago, we were finishing up our final college papers. Today, we're figuring out how long it takes to boil an egg. With one year of adulting under...
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Mental Health and Treat Yo' Self

We're burnt out, over worked, and drowning in debt. Millennials are officially the most stressed out generation around, but the real question that nee...
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The Science of Swiping Right

As of 2018, over forty percent of American adults use some form of dating site or app, but only a select few find their one and only -- what gives? Fr...
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Make Voting Cool Again

We're lazy, we're entitled, we're slackers, we're addicted to social media, and we don't vote. From activism to "slacktivism," we unpack why America's...
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