Awkward Party Conversations

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A podcast where we defy you to hate us more than we hate ourselves.

Episode 15: Get Off My Lawn

On this month's episode of the podcast, we talk about, um, when and where it's appropriate to use speakerphone, er, corporate holiday parties, the joy...
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Episode 13: Hotline Bling

On this month’s episode of the podcast, we talk about issues as wide-ranging as: telephone-based customer service, public image rehabilitation, Outkas...
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Episode 10: Toxic Masculinity

On this month's episode of the podcast, your hosts travel down a rabbit hole--like many great philosophers before us--to ultimately discover that the ...
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Episode 9: Tide Pod(cast)

Second episode back after our mini-hiatus, and we shook off the rust like the--ahem--professionals we are. On this month's episode, K.V. offers an upd...
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Episode 8: The Tweets Demanded It

Don't call it a comeback! Your illustrious hosts have returned after a rather prolonged hiatus to celebrate our one year anniversary (sort of), explai...
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Episode 6: Sunday Bloody Sunday

On this month's episode of the podcast, K.V. and Hershal revisit the wedding territory we covered on the first episode, talk about race for an excessi...
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