Babes Finding Happiness the Podcast


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This is Babes Finding Happiness the Podcast. Jess and Carlisle bring you a weekly jaunt to cure your sad worries and woes. With new gal pals every week, theses babes are talking brains, beauty and bullshit on your relatable journey to happiness!

Ep. 5 Lifes a Banquet

Since we were gone for a while, HERES A BONUS EPISODE! With our favorite people to talk to and well, just altogether be around, Mimzie and Ashley! Cel...
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Ep.4 The One with Patsy.

WERE BACK! and were back with GUESTS! Were coming back lounging in the comfort of Carlisles Den. Were hanging out with Patsy,were talking thrifting, a...
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Ep. 3 Fun Time Gal.

Our first guest! Miss Cynthia Spradley! Jess and Carlisle spend sometime sharing their beloved Cindy with you! Hang out with us while we cackle away w...
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Ep.2 Vampires for Neighbors.

Jess' neighbors are VAMPIRES! Were talking kooky florida neighbors this week! Join us while we re-live past trauma of odd and friendly nieghbors.
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