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Baboon Yodel is your one-stop podcast for all things news and culture. Brought to you by your very own born-again infidel Ed Amon and dedicated wheat denier Renee Church, we serve you piping hot amusing spiritual sewage on the latest each week. Follow us on TWITTER: @BaboonYodel - FACEBOOK: @BaboonYodel - INSTAGRAM: BaboonYodel WEB:

129 - Al Capone's Coke

There's a crisis afoot! It's New Zealand's housing crisis to be precise, but we don't just talk about modern woes, oh no, we go all the way back to th...
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127 - Hotbed of Bacteria

On today's hot new episode of Baboon Yodel we serve up a spicy discussion on Billie Jean King, we bounce around ideas on an anti-vax basketballer, and...
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126 - Uncle Sam's Meat

Are you ready for a history lesson, soldier? Well stand attention, because this week we're learning about the favourite family member of over 300 mill...
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125 - Ball Blacks

What's in a name? This great podcast has a name that makes perfect sense, but not every name is quite as good, so we discuss the All Whites changing t...
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124 - Bootylicious Pompeii

The podcast is blowing up and let's talking about something else that's had a similar experience... Mount Vesuvius! Also rumours are swirling about De...
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122 - Meth Olympics

Did you know there was more than one Iraq War? We discuss the first one! It's also Olympics season and that means athletes and drugs and all that enta...
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121 - English Shminglish

We get multilingual on today's episode as we discuss Rosetta Stone, why folks everywhere just hate the English, the Farmers' protest across New Zealan...
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120 - Donor Daddy

Your favourite two daddies (and Ed) are back to talk about her Royal Majesty Queen Victoria, they get nasty and dish on sex life improvements plus tal...
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