Bachelor Pad

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Two bachelors who have never watched ABC's The Bachelor sitting down to review episodes right after they air.

Matt James, Everybody!

Scott and Tyler say so-long to a dreaded last-half of a lackluster season. Will Matt James eventually find love, we genuinely hope so...we just don't ...
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Next Week on The Bachelor

Scott and Tyler bemoan the last few episodes and look forward to the finale and whatever comes next. Just more of Matt James' season.
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I Wish We Had More Time

On this episode, Scott and Tyler talk about farewells to over half the remaining girls, Matt's more confusing moves, and their dream for the future of...
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Heir to the Throne

Queen Victoria is dead; long live Queen MJ? Tonight, Scott and Tyler are joined by Jeremy and they talk about smitten Kit-ten, whether or not Serena C...
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Sarah Makes Friends

The Bachelor Boys talk about the one-and-a-half drama queens in the house, social contracts, and the virtue of not locking your knees when you're stan...
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Court Gestures

We have a lot of fun on this show; but if you or anyone you know is struggling with a relationship where you were bullied or abused and are feeling ho...
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