Back in Crime

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To understand the future we must go... Back in Crime. New episodes every Tuesday about notorious, crazy, and iconic true crime stories. No filters on this podcast--guaranteed. Support this podcast:

2002: Murder of Kacie Rene Woody

In 2002, sweet 13 year old Kacie Woody went missing from her home in Arkansas. Suspicions quickly turn to a "17 year old" friend she met on the intern...
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1973-1986: Golden State Killer

Over the course of the 1970s and 1980s, serial killers were running rampant. Somehow, this POS evaded police until 2018 and was A POLICE OFFICER most ...
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1978: Assassination of Harvey Milk

WE. LOVE. HARVEY. MILK. An openly gay politician was murdered in cold blood by a rival supervisor in California. Harvey Milk was able to create an ete...
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1990's: The Boy Band Blimp Bandit

We are going blimpin' y'all!!!  This is a wild ride of a story about boy bands being defrauded, investors being defrauded, and a dude with a weird bli...
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1981: Keddie Cabin Murders

Hey y'all!! This is our VERY FIRST EPISODE and we hope you love it! We have blunt, opinionated takes on this one so buckle up and take a trip with us ...
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TRAILER: Back in Crime

Hey y'all! We are close to launching the first few episodes of BACK IN CRIME! Subscribe to be sure that you don't miss a single episode of CRIME TRAVE...
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