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BPP Beer Podcast is here to drink your beer and tell ya what we think of it! Seriously though we love craft beer and bashing each other while rating the world's best beers and a few that suck. Adult content.

BPP Last Podcast

So we are ending an era and things got shitty crazy.  Its been a blas fuckers and we love you all.  Please listen up and grab a good beer or 7 and let...
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Episode #145 Corona Hangout

Tonight we tried to do our very best version of social distancing by recording over Google Hangouts.  We test a few beers and just bullshit a bunch.  ...
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Episode #142 Big Beer, Big Q!

So Doc and Company join us once again for more amzing beers and BBQ.  Dustin and Ken joined up to provide tonights amazing list of beers.  Serious con...
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Episode #141 Purdy Sweet

Tonight we may be short on beer nerds, but we are heavy on opinons.  Great fun tonight as we had back a few old school friends to taste some killer be...
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Episode #140 Fernando & Leslie

So tonight we start off with some Buzz Bomb Brewery beers and transfer to 7 Hills Brewery.  We throw in a couple others.  Listener Carl sits in with u...
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Episode #139 Adams n Doc

Tonight we had a full house and then some.  Adam S, Adam W, Vicki, and Doc all joined us for a night of crazy beers.  We had a Coco Cola beer and some...
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Episode #138 Wolfy's Cast

Tonight we brought in the Wolf's and we got serious.   WE start off with 3 great beers from Bent River and then hit a few other local Iowa beers.  We ...
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Episode #137 Big n Localish

SO tonight our buddy Lee swung by for some big beers and he brought a great bitter from the UK.  Then we had several from within a few hours of us.  D...
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