Backyard Hang

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Two friends get drunk and talk about everything and nothing for about an hour. It's basically like Seinfeld if the characters were alcoholic losers. Seriously though we just talk as open and honestly as we can about our lives and our drinking problems. It's a fun listen and I know you'll enjoy it. Also it's extremely NSFW so wear headphones if you're at work or around sensitive ears.


Fuck first, date second. Tim is still drunk. Ryan is still sober. Crazy I know. Doctors have given about 2 more year to live. Ryan is his doctor. Tons...
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The Final Episode

The last episode before the world ends. Have a nice one. Maybe we'll run into each other in a Mad Max type scenario down the road. That would be sick....
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Trash Candy

I woke up yesterday It was exactly the same thing as today. It’s all the same. It’s all the same. Phase after phase, mask after mask, they can’t hide ...
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The Band Is Back Together

4 months later and Ryan is now fully sober and Tim is still fully drunk. We catch up on our lives and talk shit like usual. It's a good one. Def liste...
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Tiger Coronavirus King

The audio is a little shitty now because we're recording over Zoom. It's free and it's the end of the world so deal with it. Naturally all we talk abo...
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The CoronaVirus Power Hour

This week yes we talk about the virus and how it's affecting us drunks. No bars are open. What do we do now? Social distancing in full effect.
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Extracurricular Activities

After last weekend Ryan is SUPER cool. He's no longer a total square. Listen to the episode and find out why. Also mani pedis are dope. 
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Baby Birding

In this episode we talk about how Ryan doesn't want to be a drunk mess on the weekends anymore and how Tim still wants to be a drunk mess all week. Al...
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