Bad Decisions Good Choices

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Just winging it, man.

Two Hensleys + A Harvey

This episode was from my recent roadtrip back home to Kentucky! I got to see my seeester and my childhood best friend, Julia. We talk about our young ...
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Good Morning, Here's My Asshole

Did you know that their is *allegedly* an octopus in Lake Thunderbird? We didn't either - send us your stories! Stay to the end to listen to how all o...
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Cats Are Actually Aliens

It just makes sense that a catpocalypse will be how the aliens actually take over earth. They already own us. Mac is moving and I'm big sad about it, ...
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Patriotism 17:76

Thou shalt not eat your steak well done. How tf does Cheesecake Factory have a 50 page menu with nothing good on it- a whole restaurant concept when y...
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Justice for Bhad Bhabie

Skip to the end if you want to hear about Bhad Bhabie and her take on "Dr. Kill." #BreakingCodeSilence Like// Subscribe // Review // Contact Us at bad...
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Buttholes on the Board

Recorded two weeks ago – obviously bc if you’re listening in real time in Oklahoma, you know it’s raining all week. God bless our lord and savior Tom ...
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We love Oklahoma City. People are so nice and there is something for everybody. But also, I'm getting gayer by the day here... however, I would be str...
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Yoat Goga

Florida is trash, but everyone knows the East coast is actually the worst. They are so rude – LIKE WHERE IS THE "OPE"?! I can’t even. Also Mac is the ...
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Slow Your Ho Roll

We don’t talk to our moms, but we spent the first ten minutes in awe of women that can grow full little aliens that come out with fingernails and all....
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Bitcoin is Green Flavored

Mac and invests in Bitcoin even though she has no idea what it’s about… and we both show how much we don’t know about money lmao. Comment your favorit...
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