Bad To The Dad

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That imperfect species that hopes his kids turn out better than him at everything. He’s the dad who dreams of his kids throwing perfect spirals, curing cancer, and pronouncing landmark Supreme Court decisions. And sometimes, Dad nails it. Other times, his kid strikes out looking, loses a finger in wood shop, and barfs in the back of your neighbor’s minivan…because a whole bag of licorice and a quart of chocolate milk seemed like a good lunch before soccer practice.

Season 6, Episode 2 – ADHDad

Welcome back to another exciting episode – this week find out the results of the ‘save the floppy’ survey and join Coach Randy and AdamContinue readin...
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2021 fathers day comedy special

Join Coach Randy and Adam D as they celebrate the day of dads with three talented comedians – Johnathan Waldman, Vishnu Vaka and Rob FieldContinue rea...
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