Badgering The Hawkeye

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Mike & Brian are former radio DJs. Mike is from the Badger state, Brian from the Hawkeye state. They share stories about their lives before, during and after their time on the mic.

BTH52 - CC from ROCK 108

Mike & Brian welcome C.C. from The Rock108 Morning Show to the podcast. C.C. talks about growing up in Nebraska, her move to Seattle and her start in ...
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BTH51 - Static from Uncontained

Mike starts with a story about how he almost got a tattoo for a radio promotion. Then Brian features a sample of the new DESTROPHY song, "The New Viol...
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BTH48 - Radio Stories

Mike & Brian start by mentioning the passing of actor Brian Dennehy and WWE announcer Howard Finkel. Then Mike asks, "What song/band do you not want t...
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BTH47 - Distantly Social

Your favorite part-time radio djs / part-time podcasters are back! Mike & Brian talk about how the current situation in the world is affecting them. B...
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BTH43 - Weezer In Madison

Mike & Brian are in the same state! The boys are going to the Weezer show in Madison, WI. Mike & Brian's wives also make their debut on Badgering The ...
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