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Watchmen Chapter I Discussion

And so it begins. The Bag and Board review/discussion of Watchmen will take place over the course of one year, with a new chapter every month. So sit ...
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Excelsior! 007

This episode is older than Odin’s aunt, but it’s finally here! Expect more frequent updates from here on out, true believers.
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Constantine Season 1 Review

Hello, hellblazers! Join us for a discussion on Constantine season one, where we break down each episode and talk the good, the bad, and the demonic.h...
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Agent Carter Season 1 Review

Welcome once again, True Believers, to the best radio show outside of the Captain America Adventure Hour! On this episode, we dive into season one of ...
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Bag and Board Episode 002

Welcome to the first combined episode of Excelsior and Shazam! Shazam starts at the 56:40 mark, but Marvel fans should stick around for a special LIVE...
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Shazam! 007

The other episode that time forgot….
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Excelsior! 006

The episode that time forgot….
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Shazam! Episode 006

Two superheroes walk into a bar….
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Excelsior! Episode 005

Sorry for the delay, folks! This episode was recorded a week ago, but a lot of stuff and thangs happened.
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Shazam! Episode 005

Sorry for the delay, folks! Your weekly dose of DC is here.
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