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Balancing entrepreneurship and life with your significant other. Tangible and real-life advice for couples looking to successfully run a business together while keeping their personal relationship strong. Hosted by Daniel and Katie Steinfeld, co-owners of On The Block Realty and On The Block Auctions.

024 - Level Up Your Awareness

Sometimes there are events that impact all of society. Often these events make us think, but it is rare that they result in action.The murder of Georg...
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023 - Level Up Your Community

It's time to level up the way you focus on building your community. We've talked about focus before - but let's get have to hone in on ...
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020 - Let's just talk

We're over a month into the COVID-19 home isolation, and it's time to just talk it out for a day.There are four separate little school schedules to st...
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019 - COVID-19 Coping with kids

It has been a month, and many parents are starting to reach a breaking point with their kids. Perhaps some reached that point a while ago.Katie and Da...
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015 - Get Social Media Right

Let's have a real talk about your social media.There are no 12 step programs or templates here, just a discussion about what you're actually doing on ...
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