Balls, Sweat and Tears

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NRL Podcast

Episode 43

The QLD run is over! We discuss the first series defeat in 9 years and what to expect from the Maroons going forward. All the usual fantasy stuff too.
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Episode 41

QLD for the win and a bit of a twist on everyone’s favourite segment, Fanta-3! Maybe a few sneaky f-bombs.
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Episode 39

Thanks Rep Round for screwing with the momentum of Balls, Sweat and Tears! Here we go…
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Episode 38

Weekend off for the NRL coming up… not for BSAT though! Shoutout to Birds Warriors for naming the Fanta-3 segment.
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Episode 37

ANZAC edition – couple of days late due to some technical difficulties… usual Broncos chat with a bit of NRL Fantasy thrown in!
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Episode 36

Happy Easter! Kick start the long weekend with another episode of BSAT
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Episode 35

Another “in and away” to the scheduling of BSAT for 2014 see’s Episode 35 follow on a casual fortnight since Episode 34. Go team!
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Episode 34

A Grindhouse style double feature for the second BSAT podcast of 2014… we discuss all the action from Round 2 and 3, talk fantasy and the results from...
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