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A comedy podcast about the Bar Industry, what it takes to be a bartender and proper bar etiquette.

How To Make The Sale

Alley & Nat go through the best ways to upsell as a Bartender and make the sale to not only make your bar money but hopefully up your tip as well!
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What To Do In Crazy Bar Situations

From fights, to unruly customers, to sexual harrassment, Alley and Nat give the best advice on how to handle those situations while working in the bar...
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Bar Fuck-Girls

Last week Alley & Nat described Bar Fuck-boys and today they are talking about Bar fuck-girls, including themselves...
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Bar Fuck-Boys

Alley and Nat describe the fuck boys of the bar world in this episode. Don't get offended if you fit into any of these categories! And next week? Fuck...
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Life After Lockdown

With the quarantine lifting, Alley and Nat give you updates on the pandemic and what to expect as a bartender going back to work. Plus we reveal who t...
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