Basement Boys


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World's best podcast that was done in a basement. Basement boys are here to stay

Ep. 7 - The Glory Days

In this episode Tim and Doyle record from the roof. They relive the glory days of middle school football, give Masters predictions, and talk about gol...
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Ep. 5 - The Floors' Filthy

Tim is solo again and talks about why the grocery store is the worst thing ever and other stuff he thinks about on a daily basis.
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Ep. 4 - I'm Not Stayin'

Tim Tells a story from his future until he is interrupted and then rambles about staying at peoples houses and Nicolas Cage.
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Basement Boys episode 2

Basement boys are back like we never left. We talked a little about politics, cedar point, sports and bagel boss today. Enjoy folks
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Basement Boys Podcast Episode 1

Original podcast featuring Tim and Brendan, executive produced by Lucas, talking about the NBA, pyramid schemes, YouTube algorithm, and everything in ...
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