Basic Dishes


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Welcome to Basic Dishes!This is the podcast in which two friends, Derek Mari & Riley Rose Smothers, attempt to venture out of our comfort zones into the world of fine dining. Each episode we discuss our food-related horror stories and review a new dish with our disappointing knowledge of food.

Episode #20 - The Year is 2034...

The year is 2034. 15 years have passed since Riley Rose and Derek recorded an episode of their critically acclaimed podcast, "Basic Dishes." Yet, much...
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Episode #16 - Story Time!

Basic Dishes is finally back with all-new episodes! To kick off the new season, Derek and Riley Rose catch each other up on their lives with funny, em...
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Episode #12 - Slumber Party

Riley Rose and Derek return to the age of 13 and have a slumber party made complete by their favorite sleepover snacks, scary stories, and games.Suppo...
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