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Going beyond what you know about relationships before trying to enrich, grow, work or fix them. Start here for romantic relationships, business relationships, couples coaching, parenting tips and more. As they ALL start with relationship.

S2E11 Be Intact with Big Upsets

Wow! What a week in the quarantine experience we are having. From jubilation, to MAJOR upset, here is a sneak peak into a giant upset... Many things w...
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S2E8 Be Intact with your Friends

Zach is off having a weekend with one of his friends. A "Bromance" weekend if you will. There are wonderful gems discussed as their friendship has evo...
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S2E7: Be Intact with your Fantasy

Today we touch on your... Fantasy. Not THAT kind of fantasy but one of expectation and something that is just a part of being human. Have a listen as ...
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S2E5 Be Intact with Saying So

We aren't about positive self talking yourself to death. We are about checking in with what it is you are living in your real life experiences and tho...
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