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Bless with the body I was born with ? It's Melissa's hope to inspiring people to take the body they were blessed with and build it into the body they've dreamed of through weight lifting, fitness and a little attitude adjustment ? As a Vibrational Life Coach and Fitness Enthusiast, Melissa loves helping people uncover their deep rooted self love while designing and building the life of their dreams. Tune in for real life stories, tips and tricks and conversations that will help you live a Beautifully Built Life

Releasing The Inner Critic

Welcome back my loves! Do you often find yourself getting discouraged or held back by that little shit talking voice in your head? This episode might ...
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Magnetizing Energy

Welcome back my loves! Are you ready for a bit of a pick me up? Don't forget: we are all made up of energy and that energy translates into frequencies...
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A Dream That Helped Me Heal

When you make it clear to the Universe that you are ready to heal - things are going to surface for you to take a deeper look at.   I had the most imp...
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A once in a lifetime experience

Welcome my loves! In today's episode I share a story that happened while I was spending time on the beautiful island of Maui. This was by far a once i...
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5 Manifestation Tips

You are manifesting every second of every day which is why it's critical that you pay more attention to what you are attracting. Get clear, believe it...
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