Becoming Extraordinary

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We developed this podcast to give you the knowledge of how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. We cover a ton of things including health, fitness, nutrition, motivation, and life in general.

Life Update

This year has been interesting to say the least for us all. We haven't been around much and haven't been able to do much with our podcast this year sa...
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We have a big announcement!

We've been excited to share our latest news and it's finally time! In this episode we're sharing our news, giving a tip on resolutions, and reminiscin...
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Not all calories are created equal

Just because it fits your macros doesn't mean it's healthy for you and just because you're eating a small portion doesn't mean that you're going to lo...
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Balloons, life, and Thanksgiving

We've had a lot going on for a while, but we're back to hang out with you guys! Hang out with us as we talk all about our lives and tips for staying h...
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What is burn out?

Our lives were turned upside down this year and we have been thrown a lot of curves. With everything going on we learned what burn out really is and w...
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Who are we?

We are Amanda and Ty and we want to introduce ourselves and help you get to know us and who we are!
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