Beer talk

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Beer Talk. Kind of like water cooler talk but with beer involved. Talking about anything and everything. Live shows once a week. Call in and join the talk.

J-Daws Bday bash

It's J-daws's 31st bday bash. Poeple are getting wet......From the rain. Join us as we have tons of speical guest. 
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Fucked up Friday Vday

Well well well......looks like you wanted more of our shit show to listen to. I like your style. This week on Beer Talk Delaware (In a very low voice....
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Tacky Thursday. Hut hut hike.

Wait the week is not over yet? It's not Friday yet? Fuck this shit....I need a beer now. Don't go climbing a clock tower just yet, we are here to help...
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Shenanigans Saturday

It's Saturday the 27th and we are here to please you and your need for laughing while our check liver light comes on. The French fight over nutella? A...
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Beer Talk Who?

Alrighty you hop heads! Yes, we know it's been a while since we did a podcast. A little thing called life got in the way. It happens. But, have no fea...
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Lost Boys Part 1

Since we are thaking the week off. Here is a lost Episode we recored. Now sure what or who is on it. But it should be fun. Don't forget to follow us o...
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Snatch.......Em Saturday

It's Saturday, November 4th and we wanna welcome fall with open arms.........or a beer. Let's get to the news. Raccoon gets stuck in storm drain after...
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