Before You Were Funny

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Justin Michael and Jacob Reed of Tremendosaur have asked their favorite comedians to dust off their worst sketches and perform them…LIVE. There’s no time to prepare, no time to memorize lines, and nobody but the writer has read them beforehand.

Geoffrey Golden, Matt Manser

Chandler Einstein, The DNC and Shylock Gets Laid! Guests: Geoffrey Golden (Devastator Press, Disney Comics) and Matt Manser (UCB's Bonafide, Californi...
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Nick Ciarelli, Bradford Evans

Bad dates, parody songs, and people who bite rat butts. Guests: Nick Ciarelli & Bradford Evans of Tween Fest drop by. Hosted by Justin Michael and Jac...
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Hayley Huntley, H Michael Croner

Sci-fi plays, failed McSweeney's articles and college creative writing. Guests: Hayley Huntley (Comedy Central's Review, Lopez) and H Michael Croner (...
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Ify Nwadiwe, Carl Tart

Thriller, politics and a deep dive into early Facebook posts. Guests: White Women's very own Ify Nwadiwe (@midnight, Geek & Sundry) and Carl Tart (Mad...
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Mike Lane, Patrick McDonald

Mario Kart, time travel and grandpas! Guests: Mike Lane (BOAT, UCB’s Karate Karate) and Patrick McDonald (UCB’s Knucklepuck and The Bus). Hosted by Ju...
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Veronica Osorio, Pam Murphy

Poop guns, fanny packs and middle school poetry. Guests: Veronica Osorio (Hail, Caesar!, UCB’s XX Factor) and Pam Murphy (@murphyplease, UCB’s Tuesday...
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Lindsay Katai, Richie Root

Slug bugs, best man speeches and awkward facebook messages. Guests: Lindsay Katai (UCB’s 8 Babies, @lindsaykatai) and Riche Root (UCB’s Quick and Funn...
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Shawn Pearlman, Dave Horwitz

The Lil' Cuties pop by to chat breaking the fourth wall, dog walking and elevator politics. Guests: Shawn Pearlman (@shawnpearlman) and Dave Horwitz (...
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Nick Mandernach, Joel Jensen

Talking trees, rich people dinners and a PTSD Magician named Palooka. Guests: Nick Mandernach (Legitimate Goddamn Theater, UCB's JV, @mandernick) and ...
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