Behind the Screams

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A podcast dedicated to exhuming the macabre truth buried within your favorite cinematic horrors—to unearthing the all-too-real monsters behind the masks.

Episode 4: Verónica (2017)

Verónica is one of the scariest movies on Netflix, and it claims to be BOATS???!! Listen to this episode as we uncover how closely related Verónica is...
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Episode 3: The Strangers (2008)

As we say, "Hello," to the new year, we discuss the award winning and highly requested movie The Strangers! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @btscre...
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Episode 1: Wolf Creek (2005)

ARE YOU KIDDING?! Our first episode ever, and we are so excited! Buckle up for this one because "Wolf Creek" will make you never want to leave your ho...
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