Behind This Mic

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At the intersection of music, leadership and technology, there's this podcast! Tess is a music director and leader with professional credits that give her some street cred; but what she really likes to talk about is building teams, character, and integrity.

I Don't Have Quit In Me

All of us have met people who succeed despite great obstacles. However, many stories go untold. During this time where hope is at a premium, we are br...
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Reach / Overreach

People are best equipped to apply what you want to teach them if they have a context for what you are trying to explain. The partnership between a lea...
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Passion Led Us Here

What is next in your life? What drives you? Makes you keep learning, playing, performing, ministering....leading?Today's episode takes the theme of th...
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Clicks and Cliques

This episode was recorded in Casa Escoto in Seattle, WA with my own precious dad doing the intro. You'll hear him on an upcoming amazing episode! If y...
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