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Welcome to the Best Buds Podcast! We’re three dudes from Toronto who decided to start a podcast centered around pop culture, media, politics, and sports, all through the lens of marijuana. Join Lyve Kaos, Muddy H2O, and Navster each week as we sample different buds and discuss various topics. Feedback? Questions? Comments? E-mail us at bestbudspod at gmail dot com!

Episode 55 - Guess Who's Back

After too long a time away the Buds are back to discuss what they've been up to, the latest games and music they've been checking out, the bubble and ...
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Episode 54 – Stars Align

It’s nearly spring and the buds are stoked! Navster, Lyve, and Lux come to you from the 6 proper to talk about Trump’s firing of McCabe, the red-hot R...
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