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I wanted to create a space where ordinary men can speak their minds and hearts without judgment. Men aren't allowed to express how they feel or think and thus create a generation of men who are unavailable. We need to break this cycle to be better men to ourselves and those around us; we, they deserve it. I'm not here to thrust my beliefs onto you, I'm here to have an open conversation about the direction men are taking now, and what can we do about it. If you want to be a part of this movement, come join me and start some conversations. 


Well, this one was an unexpected long episode, hopefully, it was helpful! Though here are some helpful links I've found on my little researching escap...
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Revisit: Masculinity

Here's the article from the website that I'm subscribed too, would encourage you to check out more of their material too!
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Here's some links I've found out perspective-taking that could be helpful for you!Remember! Be responsive, not reactive. Look to understand first befo...
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"Be your authentic self." What does that even mean? I'll be sharing my own thoughts about being my authentic self.
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Here's the link to the psychology today page on trauma:★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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Therapy Update #4

Here's the link: in your zip code and find a therapist near you! I had some specific filters on because I wanted...
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RULER - Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, Regulate.Here's the book I mentioned in the episode:
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Talking about some of my personal values in today's episode in hopes to get you thinking about your own.
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Here are the three articles I've found that could explain a little more on Body Dysmorphia Disorder.1)
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Revisit: Identity

Here's the book that I'm currently reading if you're interested in reading it youself.
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