Between Ratchet and Righteousness

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Welcome to the Between Ratchet and Righteousness podcast. A podcast where amazing things happen. We can be ignorant but we can learn from our foolishness. Listen to our podcast and let’s start a discussion! Make sure to follow us on our facebook page: Got questions? Email us at Support Us: Support this podcast:

Welcome back and catching up

What is going on Ratchets! We all know that 2020 has not been the best year for most of us but we are back and we are going to talk about it.  In toda...
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Cancel Culture

In this episode, the group breaks down the cancel culture era. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcas...
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Being a Progressive Parent

 What's going on ratchets.  In today's episode, we talk about progressive parents. Could you be ok letting your underage daughter/son lose their virgi...
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Health Tip and that Boasting Trip

 What's going on ratchets! On today's show, we talk about the importance of health and wellness in today's society. Then we are shifting gears to spea...
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Entertaining a theory...

Have you had your fair share of "aint $#!+ ninja's? Or these tired "B!+^#es?" Well today, Ronny has a theory that will make you think. At the end, let...
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