Between The Lines

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Providing candid conversations about what is happening in our world today. We will be discussing Life, Relationships, Careers, Top News, Social Issues, Injustices, Laws, Politics, and everything else in between. With the intention of sparking ENLIGHTENING, INFORMATIVE, EMPOWERING, and ENTERTAINING commentary about interesting subjects that impact our lives. Support this podcast:

Use Common Sense

The Coronavirus has disrupted our lives and we must accept the needed adjustments until a vaccine is discovered. --- Send in a voice message: https://...
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Are You Really For Justice?

Do you want to ensure that everyone receives a fair shake or do you choose to pick and choose who should get justice? --- Send in a voice message: htt...
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Failure In The Oval!

The last three and a half years watching the complete disaster of the current administration has been like no other. --- Send in a voice message: http...
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Gayle & Oprah Enough Is Enough!

My thoughts on the Gayle King interview with Lisa Leslie regarding Kobe Bryant. Also discussing the apparent agenda of Gayle and her best friend Oprah...
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Where Are The Real Journalist?

Where are the REAL journalists? Who entered the field to provide news in an UNBIASED view. Carefully RESEARCHED to ensure that the info provided is AC...
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Where Is The Love?

There appear to be a lack of love in the world today. Why is that happening? What can we do to bring it back? --- Send in a voice message: https://anc...
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Due Process

Every American citizen is entitled to due process. That includes Robert Sylvester Kelly. --- Send in a voice message:
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